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fall/winter 021 - coming soon

Temple® A Streetwear brand based in The Netherlands.

Creating powerful designs inspired by all cultures around the world...

  • Temple®

    Starting with a huge passion for sneakers and the streetwear culture. Ben started with a lot of Graphic Design assignments for multiple clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & some in the UK. 

    Ben's passion was making Artwork for posters and music albums, especially in the Hip-Hop scene. It became a success and later on he was displaying and selling Artwork on exhibitions in the Netherlands.

    He got his inspiration from different cultures around the world. Especially in the Street and Music culture. He takes lots of his inspiration from music lyrics and the vibes what the music gives him. He never works without some good music in his ear. Particularly old-school Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, Funk & Disco, African folk and all kinds of Rock such as psychedelic, indie and easy/mellow genres.

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